We Do Things Differently

Honesty - Integrity - Expertise

Building your home is a great source of pride for me and I am happy to build any price point home that my customer might want.

My custom homes are structurally sound, efficient, and well thought out. We use talented tradesmen and quality materials throughout ALL phases of construction. I will not tolerate the slightest laps in structural integrity.

As my customer, you will realize that there are no limits on what we will do for you. You will be provided any service you need or be given any material selection or finish you request. I recognize that your home is your castle and I hope to assist and improve on any thoughts or ideas that you as my customer may have.

We all live within our own financial capabilities and I understand the absolute importance of staying in budget. My customers will tell you that I stick to my prices and my promises and that all of those old industry tricks will not be played in my company.  Once we build a budget on your new home, the price will not change unless you modify or change the scope of work.

The finished quality of my homes when compared to the same price point home is obvious and generally appraise for more value than my competition. There are a few basic and simple reason for this, 1st, I am a medium builder that builds 10 or so homes a year, so I have time to manage my craft. 2nd, I put the quality of my labor and materials before "the bottom line", and 3rd, the materials I call standard are upgrades to other builders.

I also offer additional assistance for your home building needs such as interim lending and mortgage lending sources.

Thank you for considering David Yowell Construction LLC for you home building needs.

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