Popular for its durability and glossy, chic look, leather furniture is the first choice for many homeowners with ‘classy’ as the theme of their house. Once you decide to choose leather furniture for your living room seating and delve into the sea of options, you will be overwhelmed by the number of options available. Here are some useful tips that will make your leather shopping easier:

Choose By Leather Type

Not all leathers types are created equal, and getting an idea of the variations will help you choose the right one for your living room. Here are the most common kinds of leather:

  • Pigmented: This type is suitable for families with kids as the shiny outer coat effectively resists stains. The leather is low-grade which is dyed to camouflage color imperfections and can be found in a variety of modern hues.
  • Full-grain: This is high-priced, highest quality, untreated leather which is tough and durable.
  • Aniline: This is the dyed counterpart of full-grain. It is one of the supplest and soft types that can fade if exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Split-grain: This is what is known as “genuine leather” typically seen in stores. It is less durable and relatively softer than full-grain.

Choose the Right Style

Leather can last for decades so you would want to choose a furniture style that will look good not just today but also in the years to come. It is also important to decide whether you want the whole seating set in leather or just an accent piece. A full leather seating set will make a bold statement while a leather accent chair will give classic look to one corner of the living room which you might want to highlight.  You can also consider leather ottomans, recliners or sectional sofas.

Choose the Right Color

When most people go out to buy leather furniture, they have shades of black, gray or brown in mind, when actually leather can be found in an array of unique and trendy colors. You can always choose a color that matches the theme of your living room or your taste. However, it is again very important to keep timelessness in mind. A neon green leather couch might look great today but 20 years from now it will look out of place. You can combine a classic design with a contemporary color or vice versa to achieve an ultra-modern look.