The front porch had taken a backseat lately but is now making a comeback as more and more homeowners turn to custom home builders in McKinney, Texas to give a makeover to their front entrances. Here we have compiled some great front porch makeover ideas that you can incorporate in your home.

Protection and Privacy

Most front porches lack privacy they feature an open space beyond the railing. This can also leave the porch and house exposed to the elements. Covering the porch with shutters or louvered panels can offer sufficient protection and privacy.

Dress Up a Small Porch

Even if you have a small front porch it doesn’t mean that it has to be boring. When renovated properly, even a small space can become welcoming and cozy. If you have a floor made of concrete, hire a McKinney remodeling contractor to replace it with natural stones. You can also add an elegant hanging light and sheer curtains for a classy and soft look.

Go Larger

You can always transform a small front porch in beautiful outdoor living spaces. Add a gabled roof for shade and shelter and replace the pillars with dramatic brick columns. To add architectural detail and make the outdoor space stand out from the rest of the house, paint the new supports and woodwork in contrasting colors. You can also try changing the shape of your front porch. Depending on the space available, you can go for a round or octagonal shape to make it visually appealing.

Open the Structure Up

If you are not too worried about privacy, get rid of the simple railings surrounding the porch that might be making it look bland. Install attractive pillars and trim work for a unique look. Invest in all-weather furniture and place potted plants around the patio.

If these ideas have inspired you and you want to renovate your front porch, call us and we’ll give your front entrance a stunning facelift!