Great Kitchen Remodeling Ideas in McKinney to Give Your Kitchen a Fresh Look

Got kitchen remodeling on your mind? These great ideas will guide you on how to renovate your kitchen for a fresh and functional look.

Open Up

Try open shelves instead of closed cabinets to make a small kitchen look spacious.

Upgrade Appliances

Installing energy-efficient appliances like a water-saving paneled dishwasher or Energy-Star certified refrigerator to not only give a fresher look but also cut down the bills.

Make a Splash

Backsplash is a cost-effective technique to add a variety of designs and styles to your kitchen. Backsplash comes in ceramic tiles, mosaics, glass, wood, metal and many other options to match the theme of your kitchen.

Repaint the Walls

A new color on the walls breaths in fresh air to any room and will do the same to your kitchen.

Focus on Flooring

Choose a material that is glossy, classy and easy to clean, especially if you have kids. A porcelain tile floor will be better in kitchen than a ceramic tile floor.

Lighten Up

Lighting is important not only to make the space visually appealing but also for sufficient illumination when using sharp kitchenware. You can use ceiling lights for overall illumination, mini pendants for task lighting and under-cabinet lighting for accent lighting.

Make a Sassy Ceiling

Adding some texture and a pop of color to the ceiling can make the kitchen larger and brighter. You can have a designed ceiling to add a classy look if it matches with your kitchen theme or a solid colored ceiling with a modern ceiling lights for a chic kitchen.

Update the Hardware

New cabinet hardware and complementing knobs and pulls will change the whole look of the kitchen. Also get soft-close hinges and glides for cabinets and drawers.

Label It

Make spices, staples, and cookies easy to find by labeling canisters and jars with adhesive-back labels.

Make a Cozy Corner

If you have the luxury of space, set up a seating couch built on cabinets beside a window and add complementing cushions.

Ask a Professional

You might love to DIY projects and you might as well be great at it, but the touch of an expert at kitchen remodeling in McKinney, Texas can get you awe-inspiring results. You might not know where to find the best material at the lowest price or the nooks and crannies of electrical wiring. A home builder will be knowledgeable about all these details and give you a beautiful finished kitchen.

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