We Do Things Differently

Honesty - Integrity - Expertise

Here at DYC, we understand the importance of a hard-earned dollar. By not being stuck in a particular price range, we are able to offer our customers complete control. Whether you are building or remodeling, we provide “set” pricing for all projects. We promise that the price will not change unless you add or delete work or options. You will always be within your initial budget, unless you change the scope of the work being done.

We take pride in creating an exciting and comforting environment for our customers. We are happy to walk you step by step through the home building or remodeling process. Prior to starting any work on your home, you will be provided with comprehensive specifications and amenities, draw schedule, time lines, and a contract describing the work.

Compared to our competition, our finished homes generally appraise for more value than another same price-point home. There are a few reasons for this. We are a medium sized construction company, building around 10 homes a year. This gives us the opportunity to manage our craft with precision and dedication. We put the quality of labor and materials before "the bottom line". Not only that, but the materials that we call standard are upgrades to other builders.

We also offer additional assistance for your home building needs such as interim lending and mortgage lending sources.

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