The bathroom is usually the most ignored portion of the house – most homeowners do not pay much heed to the interior and design of the bathroom. However, if bathrooms are designed well with the right amenities, they can become a relaxing haven for you to spend some time in solitude to unwind and loosen up.

If you are considering a bathroom remodeling project in McKinney, Texas, here are some great ideas that you can discuss with your remodeling contractor to turn your regular bathroom into a sanctuary.

Heated Floors

Imagine having a nice, warm, relaxing shower and then stepping out on a cold marble or tile – it just spoils the whole preceding experience. In-floor heating systems like the radiant floor heating (RFH) are becoming increasingly popular not only for creating a sauna-like environment in your bathroom, but they also make the house more energy-efficient.

Aromatherapy System

This is something you will look forward to everyday on your way back from work. An aromatherapy bathtub system can have an astoundingly intense impact on your mind and body. Any smell you inhale triggers your central nervous system from where the smell is carried to the brain’s limbic region, which is responsible for controlling your emotions. If there a particular scent that you find appealing, just purchase its aroma beads and insert them in the aromatherapy reservoir so as you bathe the fragrance can waft through the cap’s holes and you’ll feel your spirits lifted up right away.


Chromotherapy, also known as color therapy, is said to be therapeutic.  Combining chromotherapy with hydrotherapy is believed to create special soothing effects. Different colors effect different areas of the brain – imagine immersing your body in warm water that is illuminated in a realm of calming colors – it will stimulate your senses, relax your body, soothe your soul and refresh your mind.


A bidet provides a refreshing cleansing substitute through a water nozzle that ejects warm, aerated water. They’re actually very common in houses in many parts of the world in standard bathrooms. They have an easy-to-use mechanism and offer much higher hygiene that wads of toilet paper.

Walk-In Shower

A walk-in shower occupies enough space to allow you to take a few steps forward and backward and sufficient room to move to the sides. The best thing about them is that they have enough room for you to pat yourself dry before coming out, without bumping into walls or taps, so you don’t have to worry about soaking-wet bathroom floor.  You can also have seats installed if you are too tired to stand while showering and shelves in the walk-in shower can help maximize the bathroom’s storage space.

If you like these remodeling ideas or have some of your own, get in touch with us and together we’ll come up with a great bathroom remodeling plan!